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62-th International Student's Scientific Conference

13-17 April, 2009

Rambler's Top100


Long-distance ISA Session (International Society of Automation)

April 13, 2009 in 1400 (GMT)
The conference was organized in the Frame of the 62 International Students Scientific Conference
of the SUAI and agreement of cooperation between ISU and SUAI.


Gerald Cockrell, professor, ISU (USA)
Orazio Mirabella, professor, CU (Italy)
Alexander Astapkovitch, professor, SUAI (Russia)
Alexander Bobovich, ISA D12 Past VP (Russia)
Jesus Zamarreno, professor, VU (Spain)


  1. Alexander Astapkovitch, Ph. D., A. Burdukov, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц Mobile robot (VirtualMobileRobotSOFA.doc, ReportPhoenix3.doc)
  2. Orazio Mirabella, Ph. D., Michaelle Brischetto, A. Raucea, CU (Italy)
    Ц Educational tools for complex topics: a case study for Network Based Control Systems
  3. Clinton M. Banner, ISU (USA)
    Ц Understanding unified messaging
  4. Eugene Bakin, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц The estimation of duty cycle duration for distributed control systems working under ZigBee
  5. D. Garcia-Alvarez, VU (Spain)
    Ц Fault detection using principal component analysis (PCA) in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
  6. Mario Collotta, Roberto Di Natale, Antonio Intagliata, Angelo Sciria, CU, KU (Italy)
    Ц Scheduling issues in real time systems for industrial network
  7. George Kuyumchev, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц Method of synthesis of the discrete linear forming filter any order
  8. Mark W. Thomas, ISU (USA)
    Ц Implementing digital document archiving for meeting organization compliance
  9. Mark Polyak, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц Smoothing interval estimation for a random process in real time
  10. Anton Moiseenko, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц Exponential scaling of individual suitability in evolution algorithms
  11. Giovanni Altamore, Paolo Giuffrida, Giuseppe Moscato, CU (Italy)
    Ц Protocol manager: distributed management of UniversityТs office through WebServices
  12. Kathryn Ivanova, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц Development of PHP-application for distant targets control
  13. Filippo Vecchi, GU (Italy)
    Ц System remote control for rubber dam
  14. Dmitry Bychkov, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц Classification of two types of random process correlation function
  15. Dmitry Vavrovskiy, SUAI (Russia)
    Ц Cost-effectiveness in choosing software for information systems development

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